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Here are some handy links for articles and products that can help you with all aspects of smartphone filming and distribution, including kit, apps, examples of interesting films, articles on using video for SEO, marketing and driving online sales. Plus whatever other bits and bobs we think you'll find useful. 

We are constantly sourcing and testing equipment and apps. We offer the best we find for sale, so keep checking back. We are not affiliated with any of the companies below, we just like their stuff. However, we are part of the Amazon affiliate program, so we do take a small commission from any Amazon goods purchased through these links.


Please let us know if you find anything you think would be good to share with other Smartphone Film School students and we'll pop it on here too. 

Screen-sharing apps

Google Cast app
This is really useful for casting your Android smartphone screen to a TV equipped with Chromecast dongle or similar.

Google Cast app for iOS

The Google Cast app for your iPhone or iPad.


Rights-free background music

These are a selection of good places to go to find simple to purchase track or CDs for your online video productions.

AKM Music - order CDs, digital files and single tracks.

Pond 5 - Lots of music, lots of video, lots of other stuff, too - just keeps getting bigger all the time.

Shockwave Sound - Another large library - remember to check the licence required for your intended use.

Bensound - Free, you have to put a link on it as per the top of the licensing page.​

Get some production kit.

Here is a selection of products that we have used or own that are really useful for making smartphone films.

Adobe Elements


A great and easy-to-use edit suite. This is version 14, the most current is v.15. This is still great and a bunch cheaper - especially as it comes Photoshop Elements 14 too.

Highly recommended.

Koolehaoda monopod


Monopods make life easy, and have a tiny footprint. Be a bit careful about how you use it, don't put anyhting heavy on it and get some mole grips on the nut for securing the foot.

It's a Kool bit of kit!


You need a tripod - though at this price, you won't get a genuine fluid head, this should be ok for when you need really stable shots.



My favourite holder for the iPhone - they are not cheap, but just seem to work really well and are by far the best lens set up I have ever seen. I would recommend looking round for the best price, and see if you can find one with a couple of lenses thrown in.

Tonor lapel mic. 


Cheap as chips and pretty handy for sorting out most of your sound problems. And an extension lead, too.

Budget light


Bi-colour so you can match daylight or tungsten, cheap, battery-powered, not hugely bright but ok for boosting dim light.

Don't forget the batteries and a charger.

Mid-range light


You get a whole load more punch with this one - Neewer stuff tends to be pretty reasonable, too. You will need the batteries as above, too - though get two sets as the light uses two at a time.

Lighting Stand


You need to put your light on something when it's not on top of the camera... Neewer again, budget but reasonable.

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